Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh) & Stephen Joseph Theatre (Scarborough)

Why would anyone want to get closer to nature? What’s that about? It’s cruel. Vindictive. Nature will give you cancer, burn your house down then send a flood to wash away your family.

Love. Hate. Good. Evil. Nature. Nurture.

Written by Oliver Emanuel (The 306 Trilogy) and directed by the Traverse’s Gareth Nicholls (Ulster American), The Monstrous Heart is thrilling, chilling and witty, examining afresh the eternal question of whether we ever really change how we’re made.

Is it possible to kill our old selves and create someone new and better in their place?


  • Writer – Oliver Emanuel
  • Director – Gareth Nicholls
  • Lighting Designer – Tigger Johnson
  • Set & Costume Designer – Cécile Trémolières
  • Composer & Sound Designer – Oğuz Kaplangi


  • Charlene Boyd
  • Christine Entwistle

*Photography by Mihaela Bodlovic