A collection of new tales for Christmas by Andy Cannon, Hamaad Chaudhry, Tony Cownie, Robert Softley Gale, Louise Ironside, Jackie Kay, Denise Mina, Mara Menzies, Karine Polwart, Lynda Radley, Shona Reppe, and Morna Young

Project created and curated by Zinnie Harris. Commissioned by the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

Lyceum Christmas Tales is an advent calendar of 12 stories for audiences in Edinburgh and beyond, combining new and familiar festive tales penned and performed by some of Scotland’s best-loved writers, musicians and artists.

Directed by Zinnie Harris and Wils Wilson

Tom Piper Designer
Oğuz Kaplangi & MJ McCarthy Sound & Music
Kate Bonney & Simon Wilkinson Lighting Designers
Anna Chaney Director of Photography (Live Show)
Aly Wight Director of Photography and Editing
Sandy Butler Director of Photography (A Wee Bird Was Watching)
Mattie Foulds Sound Engineer (A Wee Bird Was Watching)
Anna Orton Associate Set Designer and Co-Costume Designer
Andrea Cabrera Luna Assistant Director

*Photography by Mihaela Bodlovic